The Wild West & Food Stamps

Okay, so I’m working on my western script (again) and realized a common thread that runs through it. In the wild west their was no welfare. Doing some research and I’am realizing that those that made their way out to the west were people that were not looking for a hand-out but they were looking for a chance for a better life, no hand outs, no free cheese, no government bail out, a better life. They knew that it was going to cost them something – their life. They were willing to risk their life to make a better one for themself and their family. No sitting at home watching re-runs of Jerry Springer or sitting at Starbucks all day surfing the web watching life pass buy vicariously living your life through someone else or even worst, a fictitious character on TV. The pioneers had to get their ass up every morning and MAKE their way, if they were going to survive and make it that day or week or month they had to make their way that day, no days off or breaks. It wasn’t glamorous and trendy but survival. I sit back and look at today’s culture and I’m very excited is some ways and saddened in other ways. Survival today is much different. It’s no longer a life or death situation but “what am I going to not do today?” Relax, enjoy, you deserve it, go to the mall you’ve worked so hard texting, I’m sure your fingers are so sore. I guess I’m just and old soul and long for the old days when working for a living meant just that working for a LIVING. Spending three and four hours at a coffee shop surfing the web and drinking over priced coffee is not working. Can I say that again! It’s not working! Yes you might even get paid for doing that buy some company that holds that valuable by it’s not working. I heard the other day that a organization allows their employees to work from home on Monday’s and Friday’s. Work from home? On the backs of hard working people that give to this organization sacrificially¬† you get to work at home on Monday’s & Friday’s???? Who was the FOOL that came up with that one? I’m sorry but it’s my personal opinion and I’m entitled to it. I guess I’m just a little old fashion. No food stamps here.

“I put all my genius into life; I put only my talent into my works.” – Oscar Wild

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One who enjoys the simple things in life and loves to explore his own limits. A challenge is always welcome.
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